Individual Garden Plots

Birch Community Garden Plots at the Salvation Army in Broomfield are available on a first-come/first-serve basis but gardeners who participated in the prior year will be given priority. Once all plots have been designated a waiting list will be established and gardeners will be contacted when a plot becomes available.

In exchange for the use of the land, the Garden requires a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time in the donation beds for the season in the garden. All gardeners assigned an individual plot are required to sign a waiver and agreement for use of the land and participation in the Birch Community Garden. Please check out the Terms & Responsibilities page for more information.

Helpful Information for Individual Birch Gardeners:

Spring Preparation

If you plant winter rye in the fall, be sure to turn it in at least 3 weeks before planting in the spring. This will give the plant matter time to start breaking down and add essential nitrogen to the soil.


Early season crops like spinach, lettuce and peas can be planted as early as St. Patrick’s Day. Other vegetables are safest planted after Mother’s Day to avoid the risk of frost damage (oh, our fickle Colorado weather!). If you have a specific question about when you can begin planting please feel free to email us at or check out one of the links on the Garden Resources page.


Individual plots will not be automatically watered. Gardeners are encouraged to meet their garden neighbor and set up a watering schedule for your plot when you are away on vacation.


1. Turn on main line at building.

2. Turn lower valve at your individual garden bed (or whichever bed you’re watering) to the “on” position.

3. Turn the individual spout for your soaker hose/garden to on position.

4. When you’re done watering please turn off water at main source (Salvation Army building) and all spigots to prevent over-watering in other garden plots.

We recommend that you mulch your garden  for the sake of water conservation.

If you encounter any difficulties with garden irrigation in the donation beds please email us at


2 Responses to Individual Garden Plots

  1. valerie brierley says:

    Can we use the mulch from the compost at the garden?

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