The Benefits Of A Community Garden: Beautify Your Neighborhood And Improve Your Health


Gardening is an activity that many families enjoy at their individual homes, but the popularity of neighborhood or community gardens is increasing these days too. A neighborhood garden provides the opportunity to improve one’s individual physical and mental health, but it can bring a community together and spark additional social benefits as well.

Neighborhood gardens can sprout from many purposes

Southern Living details that a community or neighborhood garden adds beauty and character to a neighborhood, but perhaps even more importantly, it sparks involvement and pride from people in the area. People come together and figure out how to work with one another as the neighborhood garden is developed and there is room for people of all ages and skill levels to participate.

Community gardens can have any number of initial purposes

Some areas focus on vegetable gardening while others aim to spruce up the look of a neighborhood. There may be gardens that are initially developed for retirees or another individual group that grow and expand over time. One key benefit to developing a community garden is that it can make it easy for people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to connect with one another and find common ground.

Developing a community garden takes careful planning

If you are interested in spearheading a neighborhood gardening project in your community, the American Community Gardening Association shares some tips for getting started. You will want to reach out to see who else is interested in working on the project and evaluate the resources you have available.

Funding and land that will suit the plans need to be acquired and there will need to be plenty of communication regarding availability, expectations, and so on. Gardening Know How points out that a successful community garden will utilize everybody’s knowledge and experience and while it can be a large project to get going, the rewards can be substantial.

The personal benefits of neighborhood gardening are numerous

If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health but you don’t have room for a home garden of your own, consider joining in with a community garden. Craftsy details that this can be a great way to get to know your neighbors and it can be an economical way to garden without having to foot the entire bill yourself. Things typically get going during the spring season, but you may find opportunities pop up later in the season by mid-summer too.

From a general perspective, a community garden can beautify a neighborhood and connect people with one another. However, there are benefits that individuals participating in the garden will experience as well. Saga shares that gardening can burn quite a few calories as you dig, weed, and rake, making it a great form of physical exercise. You will likely see numerous improvements to your physique after throwing yourself into this hobby, but there are also mental health improvements that often develop too.

Gardening improves more than just your physical health

Being outdoors is generally good for your psychological health, but gardening is particularly beneficial to your mental health. Many people find that their spirits are lifted as they garden and they feel their stress levels drop. Issues with depression and addiction can be greatly alleviated via gardening and people often feel improvements with their confidence and self-esteem thanks to this hobby too.

Participating in a community garden can be a great way to connect with your neighbors and develop your skills. Not only will your efforts improve your community, but you will reap personal rewards as well. Many people find that gardening improves both their physical and mental health. This hobby not only provides socialization and stimulates your brain, but it can also reduce levels of stress and anxiety and combat depression, making it an excellent all-around activity to enhance your overall well-being.

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