Updated Garden Tasks

If you’re at the garden and would like to help here are a few things we could use help with:

  • Water the donation plots and pumpkin patch (hand water at this time – drips not in place yet). 10-15 minutes per main plot would be ideal. As always, please remember to turn off the water at the building after each watering session. We want everyone to follow this practice because if a pipe or hose breaks the water would flow unabated. Thanks for your attention to this practice.
  • Weed — many of the seedlings are starting to emerge. If you are unsure of seedlings vs. weeds, focus in the walkways in between the rows as identified by the strings or the drip line. The common weeds are the field bindweed, kochia, lambsquarter, and purslane. I find an old steak knife works great as a weeding tool. It allows you to get to the root without disturbing the soil surface too much. Just an idea. Within the next week or so, many of the beans, cucumbers, and zucchinis will start coming up. Over time, you all will become experts in seedling ID.
  • General cleanup around the compost bins. The remainder of the compost material can be placed in the bins. Help yourself to the finished compost on the tarp or in the little bin.
  • If you have a battery operated weed trimmer and would like to trim the garden edge, it would be great. We will plan to have one available during the next workday.

As always, thanks for your help!

About birchgarden

Garden Coordinator, Birch Community Garden at the Salvation Army
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